Buddy Canvas with Mike!

Buddy Canvas with Mike!

October 4, 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm
To Be Determined
Tiffany Partridge

Every Thursday & Friday until November, Mike is looking for a buddy to canvas with him.

Whether you're an experienced canvasser, or have yet to experience the joys of going door to door, Mike could use some company when he's out talking to voters.

If you've never canvassed before, or are uncomfortable going by yourself, this is a great opportunity to tag along with Mike and listen to and/or join in on the conversations he is having at the doors.

If you're an experienced canvasser, you're more than welcome to hang out with Mike as he knocks on doors, or grab a nearby turf and hit some doors on your own.

Can you spare one Thursday or Friday afternoon/evening between now and election day? You never know, you just might knock on the door that puts us over the top!


Please email, call, or text Tiffany to let us know which date works best for you and if you have a specific neighborhood in mind!


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