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Elected Officials

Mike understands Salem and is exactly who we need representing us in the Legislature. As a Salem City Councilor, it is my great pleasure to endorse Mike Ellison for the Oregon Legislature.

Chris Hoy – Salem City Councilor


Community Endorsements

Mike's working--class background, strong character, and willingness to put the interests of education, housing, healthcare, job creation, and social justice above political games make him the Oregon representative that we need in House District 19.

Gregory Berry

He supports renewable energy
He's a union member
He supports a living wage.
He supports health care for all
I couldn't have picked a better candidate myself!

Mary Jo Eyler

Mike knows our economy requires a strong middle class and profitable small businesses. He believes investment in education is the foundation for creating an economy that works for middle-class and low-income families.

Cindy J. Burgess

A young man dropped by my house in South Salem this afternoon. He struck me as a nice kid so I spoke to him for a bit. It turns out that he is a thoughtful, articulate man who works in the trades and has a sincere interest in the strength of labor unions and clean, renewable energy. He introduced me to the District 19 campaign and handed me a flyer for Mike Ellison and I'm glad he did. After doing a little research, it's clear why Mike inspires hardworking, honest people: Mike is one too.

Mike, put me down as another supporter. If the rest of your team is as sincere and motivated to do good in the world as this kid is, its going to be smooth sailing to the big building with the gold guy on top. I can't wait to see you there.

Colin Benson from South Salem

Mike Ellison is a progressive servant leader who will always put the needs of the many over the needs of the few, who will always put people before party, and who will prioritize people over profits. He will fight to ensure the world we leave our children is better than the one we inherited. Mike is kind, smart, selfless, humble, and collaborative. I believe in Mike Ellison.

Valdez Bravo

Oregon is renowned for its resources and lovely landscapes and people flock to Oregon to see them....We are experiencing changes in our forests and water systems due to global warming and these must be addressed through grassroots changes by our local governance. This is not a partisan issue. Climate change is real and does not care what party you are affiliated with. Climate change effects are already being observed, and these effects are expected to continue— and intensify—in the future.... Mike is by far the best person to address these issues as he has the interest, education, and the experience to do so. He is also the best person to orchestrate an inclusive government by the people to address issues of education, homelessness, budget. Oregon must move forward on today’s challenges and not fall behind.

Denise Duren