Endorsed 12/6/2017


Endorsed 12/10/2017


Endorsed 1/9/2018


Endorsed 1/25/2018


Endorsed 2/5/2018


Endorsed 2/26/2018


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Endorsed 3/3/2017


Endorsed 07/24/2018


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Endorsed 08/08/2018


Endorsed 08/14/2018

Elected Officials

Mike understands Salem and is exactly who we need representing us in the Legislature. As a Salem City Councilor, it is my great pleasure to endorse Mike Ellison for the Oregon Legislature.

Chris Hoy – Salem City Councilor

Community Endorsements

Mike's working--class background, strong character, and willingness to put the interests of education, housing, healthcare, job creation, and social justice above political games make him the Oregon representative that we need in House District 19.

Gregory Berry