• Housing
    As a current landlord and tenant, Mike has a unique interest in finding solutions to the issues that a lack of affordable housing creates. He is an advocate for converting existing building stock into affordable housing units and is an active volunteer with groups like Father Taafe Homes and Habitat for Humanity. He supports stronger tenant rights and restrictions on no-cause evictions. In addition, he will fight for sobering centers to become a common solution for the addiction and alcoholism facing our houseless and under-housed. These centers offer safe environments where individuals can seek the help they need, while preventing more expensive trips to emergency rooms or jails.
  • Economy and Jobs
    As a union electrician that was raised in a hard-working, blue-collar family, Mike knows that all Oregonians deserve a living wage for a fair day's work. At a time when the wealthiest in our state are obtaining a growing percentage of wealth, far too many working families are struggling to make ends meet. Mike will fight to reverse the trend that is placing an increasing tax burden on the working class and ensure that those reaping the most benefit from our economy are contributing their fair share. Mike is aware that a healthy economy is fueled by an organized workforce, a strong middle class, and competitive, profitable small businesses.
    Mike understands that unprecedented job and wage growth is possible if we embrace an already transitioning economy. He knows that a fully funded education system followed by a commitment to invest in apprenticeships, career and technical readiness opportunities, and job training programs will create a workforce that is ready and able to face our current and future challenges.
  • Health Care
    Mike believes that health care is a human right. In line with many health care experts and providers, he believes it is time for a comprehensive, publicly-funded system that values patients over profits, providing higher quality care to more people and at a lower cost to the people of Oregon. With that in mind, Mike will support policies which increase access to coverage while decreasing costs for those that need it most.
  • Campaign Finance
    Oregon is one of the few states that has no limits on the amounts an individual, organization, or business can contribute directly to a candidate in any election cycle. This leads to very expensive campaigns at all levels of government in our state and excludes many Oregonians from the opportunity for public service. It may also lead to large donors having an over-sized voice in our political process. Mike will push for campaign finance reforms, including limits on contributions and small-donor campaign legislation.
  • Education
    With three children in the public schools, Mike sees first-hand the effects of an underfunded education system. He is distressed by the increasing and undue burden we're placing on our educators and our children by failing to invest in them. An educated society is absolutely necessary for democracy to function properly, so Mike is committed to making sure our schools, at all levels, have the resources they need to help our kids succeed. In addition, Mike believes that increased investment in education is the foundation for creating an economy that works for middle-class and low-income families, instead of an economy that continues to serve the wealthiest Oregonians.
  • The Environment
    Mike decided to pursue higher education after he became a journeyman electrician largely because he felt he needed to be more valuable in our fight against anthropogenic climate change. Having earned his master's degree in renewable energy engineering, he has a thorough knowledge of the causes and effects of climate change, as well as measures that we need to take to mitigate longer-term damage. Many of these measures include the creation of higher-paying jobs in a clean energy economy.
  • Reproductive Justice
    Mike believes that everyone should have comprehensive access to reproductive care and will work to protect Oregon's leadership in regards to reproductive justice. For Mike, comprehensive reproductive care should include access to safe, legal abortion, as well as obtainable, affordable birth control, stronger workplace protections for pregnant workers, paid family leave, affordable and available housing, and affordable childcare. He will always protect other's ability to choose when, how, and with whom to have a child, and he believes none of these decisions should be influenced by a lack of resources or safe options.